We have compiled some answers to frequently asked questions regarding the application process. Should there still be questions that cannot be answered or if you have any suggestions, please feel free to contact us at any time, see contact details below.

How do I apply for a job with TWT GmbH?
Please send your application solely through our job portal. Please make sure to upload meaningful documents such as a curriculum vitae, certificates, transcripts of records (school and university) as well as employment references. Ideally, you should combine your documents into one merged PDF document. The following formats can be added with a maximum size of 15 MB: PDF, DOC, JPG, TNP, GIF.

Who can apply to TWT GmbH?
We are looking for exciting profiles, regardless of gender, age or origin. TWT as a company stands for diversity, openness, respect, tolerance and fairness. It is important for us that you enjoy innovation as well as learning and inventing, are open-minded, thirsty for knowledge and enthusiastic.  

Why a cover letter is required?
We are aware that there are arguments against a cover letter. Above all, it means more time for you and we need a little more time to thoroughly examine your application, too. However, the cover letter gives us a first impression of which stages in your career have shaped you the most so far, gives examples of how you have successfully mastered certain work situations and what drives you personally - particularly in relation to your application with TWT. For us, the cover letter is a first predication of your motivation. Please take the opportunity to briefly describe who you are and what you particularly appreciate in a professional and interpersonal context.

What can I do if I am interested in several job offers?
In order to enable quick and uncomplicated processing, please apply to only one favored position. If you are interested in other positions you can indicate this by entering the numbers (beginning with "twt-000" or "TWT-000") or the title of the other job offers in the field "Further job requests" within the application form.

Can I interrupt the application process and continue later?
Yes, this option is available without any loss of data or information - provided that you do not close the browser window.

I cannot find a suitable job. Can I also send an unsolicited application?
Please check our job offers and use our application form to apply for a job that best suits your profile. Unfortunately, an unsolicited application is not possible. However, the listed job offers serve primarily as a suggestion. We would be happy to plan your individual entry and development prospects with you regardless of the advertised job offer, because we do not fill any positions but request interesting applicant profiles that fit well with TWT.

Can I also apply by mail or email?
Basically yes, nevertheless we kindly ask you to apply solely via our job portal. This is the most rapid and easiest way for you and us.

Does it increase my chances if I give you a call?
No. A call has no effect on the decision process. Of course, we are glad to answer questions about the application process or the advertised position at any time. All remaining questions will be answered during an interview.

Do I have to attach a certificate or proof of my language skills?
Proof of your language skills is helpful for us but not necessary. You can add them into the merged document or upload them separately in the field "Other” within the application form.

How can I get in touch with TWT if my concern could not be resolved by means of FAQ?
In this case, please contact us by phone +49.711.21 57 77.0.